EASA publishes Safety Information Bulletin SIB 2020-14 in relation to aircraft stored due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Safety Information Bulletin SIB 2020-14 is addressed to continuing airworthiness management organisations (CAMOs), maintenance organisations (MOs), and competent national airworthiness authorities (NAAs) in relation to aircraft that have been stored due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The SIB was issued following reports of unreliable speed and altitude indications during the first flight(s) following the aircraft leaving storage, caused by contaminated air data systems resulting from obstruction of pitot probes and static port orifices. 

The SIB provides recommendations for cleaning and inspecting the pitot static system during the return back to service of aircraft, along with recommendations for oversight. It should be read in conjunction with the EASA Guidance on ‘Return to service of aircraft from storage in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic’.