Coronavirus - Further Advice for Airlines and Their Crews

COLOGNE, February 4, 2020 - The European Union Aviation Safety Agency is providing additional promotional material for airlines and their crews regarding the Coronavirus ‘2019-nCoV’ outbreak. 

This supports the Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) that was issued on 27/01/2020, giving recommendations to national aviation authorities, airlines and airports. 

The new material is intended to raise the awareness of operators and their crews about the practical measures they can take to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.  Airlines are encouraged to share this promotional material with their crews and display them on noticeboards and other areas.  

In addition, airlines and operators should ensure that:

  • A sufficient quantity of potable water is available in the water tank of aircraft prior to departure
  • A sufficient number of gloves is available on board
  • Disinfectant gel is available for the crew
  • While on the ground with passengers onboard, the maximum time without air conditioning/ventilation should be less than 30 minutes

More information for passengers and members of the public about Coronavirus can be found at the World Health Organisation website.

You can find all the latest information at European Level on the European Commission Coronavirus website