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I am not familiar with the Air ops rules’ structure. Which parts apply to which operators?


Reference: Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 on Air Operations and the associated Decisions

This is determined by the nature of your flight, and in the case of non-commercial operations, by the type of aircraft used. The following diagram indicates under which requirements your flight should be operating.

Commercial operations

Commercial air transport (CAT) operations

Technical rules: Part-CAT

Operator rules: Part-ORO

 Specialised operations (aerial work)

Technical rules: Part-SPO

Operator rules: Part-ORO

Non-commercial operations

Non-commercial operations other than SPO 
(e.g. business/corporate flights, leisure flights, private flights, training flights)

With CMPA:

Technical rules: Part-NCC
Operator rules: Part-ORO

With Ot-CMPA:

Technical rules: Part-NCO

Specialised operations 
(aerial work)

With CMPA:

Technical rules: Part-SPO
Operator rules: Part-ORO

With Ot-CMPA

Technical rules: Part-NCO

Part-SPA (specific approvals) applies to all types of operations, as the case may be.

CMPA = complex motor-powered aircraft

Ot-CMPA = other-than complex motor-powered aircraft

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