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As part of the early application process to obtain the EASA Part-145/Part-147/CAMO approval I have submitted our exposition or manual approved by the UK CAA. What kind of additional technical documentation should I provide to EASA after December 31, 2020?


EASA expects to receive an MOE/MTOE/CAME, as applicable, upgraded to the new approval of your organisation as an EASA Part-145/Part-147/CAMO and reflecting the fact that EASA is the competent authority. In addition, all associated procedures/lists should be also provided to EASA, where those procedures or lists are referred to in the relevant exposition or manual and intended to be integral part of the EASA approval. 

Every organisation subject to early application process was provided a separate communication by EASA indicating the specific amendments expected in expositions and manuals and related timeframes for their submission to EASA.

Further guidance is available under EASA website.

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