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Cabin Crew Data (CCD) related to VIP interior (such as Boeing Business Jet): is EASA expectation that it would be a VARIANT? It seems logical however the Aircraft Difference Table (ADT) questions would lean towards NEW TYPE.


Within the OSD-CCD technical investigations, the use of the ADT serves the following purposes:
-identify the differences between the “baseline” aircraft and the “candidate”, in order to establish the Cabin Crew Data that needs to be provided by the applicant as basis for the operator to develop their customized Cabin Crew training, to be approved by the Competent Authority (CA);

-establish the status of “new type” or “variant” for the “candidate”, by assessing the identified differences in light of the appropriate “Difference Levels”( see Difference Levels as defined in OSD-CCD);

- determine the classification of the change to CCD as “minor” or “major” (see GM 21.A.91 §3.5. c).

Whether it applies to the VIP or to airline-type configurations, a change to the CCD will render the “candidate” aircraft as a “variant” (with 3 Levels of complexity regarding Cabin Crew associated training), or, as a “new type”, if Level 4 applies.

“Same aircraft” applies when the design change involves stretched fuselage and the only CCD change resides with increased numbers of cabin occupants/PSU/etc.  Its associated Difference Level is Level 1.

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