EASA's language policy

European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) website is the official publication tool for content and information targeted at the expert aviation community. The website’s main aim is to  disseminate information as accurately, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Taking into consideration the need for a timely information flow and making best use of available limited resources, EASA publishes nearly all its information in English, as this is the globally acknowledged working and vehicular language in the field of international aviation.

In addition, content on social media (YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), on EASA’s community and communications during events are in English.

Some website content related to safety promotion is made available in other languages of the European Union.

The EASA Light section of the website, targeted to the general public, is offered in 24 European Union languages. This makes this content more readily available to non-specialists who are interested in aviation and EASA’s activities.

Our next project, depending on the availability of the necessary personnel and budget resources, is to increase the accessibility of the website