Opinion 09/2017

Implementation of the CAEP/10 amendments on climate change, emissions and noise

The main objective of this Opinion is to reduce aviation’s climate change and local air quality impact by introducing the new ICAO aeroplane CO2 standard and aircraft engine non-volatile particulate matter (PM) emissions standard into European Union (EU) legislation. Additional amendments are aimed at making the implementation of existing standards for noise and engine emissions more robust by introducing the respective updates from the ICAO Annex 16 standards into EU legislation.

The new and amended ICAO Standards (Annex 16 Volumes I, II and III) were adopted by the ICAO Council at the 7th meeting of its 210th Session on 3 March 2017 following consultation of ICAO Member States and based on the approval by the ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection at its 10th meeting (CAEP/10).

The amendments to ICAO Annex 16 Volume I address technical implementation issues with noise certification standards (Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)). The amendments to ICAO Annex 16 Volume II implement a new non-volatile PM emissions standard and address various technical implementation issues. The purpose of the 1st Edition of ICAO Annex 16 Volume III is to implement the new aeroplane CO2 emissions standard.

EASA consulted on the proposed European implementation of the standards in NPA 2017-01 on 17.1.2017. The comments received by stakeholders were taken into account to develop this Opinion, and can be reviewed in CRD to NPA 2017-01 on the EASA website.

This Opinion is provided to the European Commission as the technical basis to prepare the proposed new EU legislation.