NPA 2018-08

Regular update of CS-MMEL and CS-GEN-MMEL

The specific objective of this Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) is to propose amendments to certification specifications for Master Minimum Equipment List (CS-MMEL) and for Generic Master Minimum Equipment List (CS-GEN-MMEL) following the selection of non-complex, non-controversial and mature subjects.

In particular, this NPA proposes amendments to the following items:

  • Item 1: Generic safety methodology for the development of MMEL candidate items
  • Item 2: Quantitative assessment criteria for aircraft certified against requirements other than CS 25/29.1309.
  • Item 3: Engine time limited dispatch (TLD) update
  • Item 4: Updated guidance for items involved in non-normal and emergency procedures
  • Item 5: Clarification of the applicable MMEL operational suitability certification basis.
  • Item 6: Additional and updated definitions
  • Item 7: Updated and new items in MMEL ITEMS GUIDANCE BOOK (CS-MMEL)
  • Item 8: Editorial corrections to CS-MMEL
  • Item 9: Update of CS-GEN-MMEL and CS-MMEL applicability.

The proposed amendments are expected to contribute to updating CS-MMEL and CS-GEN-MMEL to reflect the state of the art of MMEL certification. Overall, this is expected to provide a moderate safety benefit, would have no social or environmental impacts, and is expected to provide some economic benefits by streamlining the certification process.