NPA 2017-08

Regular update of CS-ETSO

The specific of this NPA is to propose amendments to CS-ETSO taking into account the principles of efficiency and harmonisation.

The ultimate goal is to introduce into CS-ETSO the new or updated and improved standards for parts and appliances.

This NPA proposes to: 

  • modify a number of ETSOs in order to harmonise them with the corresponding FAA TSOs; 
  • introduce several new ETSOs (Index 1) which are, where possible, technically similar to existing FAA TSOs; and 
  • modify an ETSO (Index 2), which does not yet exist in the FAA TSO series (i.e. ETSO-2C514).

The proposed changes are expected to reduce the regulatory burden for the validation of FAA TSO authorisations by EASA and vice versa, to increase cost-effectiveness, and align CS-ETSO with the state of the art.