ED Decision 2018/002/R

CS-ETSO / Amendment 13

This Decision introduces amendments to CS-ETSO taking into account the principles of efficiency and harmonisation. It introduces into CS-ETSO new and updated and improved standards for parts and appliances, as follows:

  • a number of ETSOs have been modified in order to harmonise them with the corresponding FAA TSOs;
  • several new ETSOs (Index 1) have been introduced, which are - where possible - technically similar to existing FAA TSOs;
  • one ETSO (ETSO-2C514) has been modified , which does not yet exist in the FAA TSO series (Index 2) ; and
  • one ETSO has been deleted; it is considered obsolete, as it has never been used by industry.

The proposed changes are expected to reduce the regulatory burden for the validation of FAA TSO authorisations by EASA and vice versa, to increase cost-effectiveness, and reflect in CS-ETSO the technical state of the art.