NPA 2015-08

Light Part-M

This Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) addresses a proportionality issue related to the requirements imposed on the lighter end of the General Aviation community.

The objective of this NPA is to propose a ‘Light Part-M’ with requirements proportional to the significantly lower complexity and associated risks of the lighter end of the General Aviation community, and as clear and simple as possible in order to facilitate implementation.

Further alleviations to those proposed during Phase I of the ‘Part-M General Aviation Task Force’ have been proposed, after evaluating possible options within the limits of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 (the EASA Basic Regulation). These alleviations include, among other aspects:

  • Maintenance programmes;
  • Airworthiness reviews;
  • Defects deferment; and
  • Guidance for Time Between Overhaul (TBO) extensions.

This NPA affects the lighter end of the General Aviation community, including aircraft owners/operators, independent certifying staff, maintenance organisations, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMOs) and competent authorities overseeing these aircraft and activities.