Management Board Declarations of Interest

Data Protection Record & Privacy Statement


The purpose of the personal data processing is “to prevent, detect, monitor, mitigate and deal with situations of potential and actual Conflict of Interest” (see Management Board (MB) Code of Conduct, Appendix 1, point 4). According to Appendix 1 (point 4.2) of the MB´s Code of Conduct “All participants shall fill in the ´Public Annual Declaration of Interests´ (PADoI) for members of EASA Management Board and Bodies (Appendix IV). In addition, participants are required to fill in a ´Specific Declaration of Interests´ (SDoI) for EASA Management Board and Bodies” (Appendix III) at the beginning of a meeting of the Body they are attending. The responsibility for a complete and truthful declaration shall lie exclusively with the participant declaring his or her interest.” For general transparency purposes, MB Members are also asked to fill-in a short CV template regarding their professional profile (career to date and education).