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Civil drones (Unmanned aircraft)

Flying a drone can be really fun but as a drone pilot you are now another user of busy skies. It is important that you know how to fly your drone both safely and legally.

This website will provide the information you need to enjoy flying your drone in a way that doesn’t pose a risk to any other aircraft or people – no matter where you live or fly in Europe. Paul and his new drone Donnie will help you see how easy it is to become a safe and responsible drone pilot.

The new European drone rules will come into force as of 31st December 2020.

Do I need to register my drone?
Drones do not need registering (unless they are certified by EASA) but you, as drone operator/owner, must register yourself. You do so with the Civil Aviation Authority of the EU country you residence in. 
You register once, independently of how many drones operating in the open or specific category you have. Your registration will be valid for a period defined by your national Civil Aviation Authority after which you need to renew it.

However, you do not need to register yourself.
if your drone(s):
1.    weighs less than 250g and has no camera or other sensor able to detect personal data; or
2.    even with a camera or other sensor, weighs less than 250g, but is a toy (this means that its documentation shows that it complies with ‘toy’ Directive 2009/48/EC); 

What happens once I register?
Once registered, you receive a ‘UAS operator registration number’ that needs to be displayed with a sticker on all the drones you own including those privately built. You must also, upload it into the ‘Drone’s remote identification system’.

Will my registration as operator be recognised throughout Europe?
Yes, you as DRONE operator, will receive a unique registration number. The information will be available in a unique system accessible by all EU National Aviation Authorities (NAAs).

More detailed Frequently Asked Questions on Drones will be published soon.

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