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Email subscription service replaced by new website

We are migrating our email subscription service to the website. The website will offer you more functionality such as: follow multiple categories of your interest, received immediate emails or daily, weekly or monthly email digest. You can also decide to receive push notifications which will be send immediately.

Emails send from the Safety Publications Tool will not be affected and will still be send by the tool itself.

Until the 8th of July 2020 you will still receive emails from our email subscription service, afterwards we will discontinue this service and will be fully replaced by the new website.


Still want to receive emails from us?


Follow the 3 steps below by 8th of July 2020

EASA pro laptop create account1. Create an account

Create an account with social logins from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. You can also use the normal registration form.


2. Follow the category of your interest


3. Decide how to stay informedEASA website follow categories

Your personalised stream

If you follow a category all relevant updates will appear on your personalised stream on the EASA homepage.


You can enable email notifications, the default option is daily but you can decide to receive an email immediately after a publication.

Push notifications

You can get push notifications for categories important to you, they will always be sent immediately.


Create an account and stay informed