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3 – Issue / Rationale

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Description of the issue*
What is the problem? And why is it a problem? Provide a problem statement for the issue.
For safety issues only, if there are several scenarios that are relevant, please list them.

Affected stakeholders*
Describe who is affected by the described issue, what is affected (e.g. aircraft types, constitutes or equipment, or type of operations and organisations), and, if applicable, specify in which flight phases and circumstances.

Affected rules*
Describe which rules are affected by the described issue.

Sources & Rationale*
What triggered the identification of the issue? Are there data, studies or some other evidence available?

4 – Assessment of issue

Have you done an assessment of the issue? Please complete additional information below.

Preliminary risk assessment (Environment, Level-playing field, Efficiency/Proportionality)*
- Have environmental risks been identified in terms of gaseous emissions (greenhouse gases/local air quality) or noise?
- Has the current regulatory framework created social risks or issues, e.g. in terms of limiting free movement of persons, health issues, licensing issues?
- Have excessive costs of regulatory framework been identified for authorities, industry, license holders, or consumers?
- Has a competitive disadvantage been identified for certain economic entities (obstacles on the level playing field)?
- Has an issue for General Aviation (GA)/SMEs been identified contradicting the guidelines in the European GA strategy?
- Have implementation problems or regulatory burden been identified?
- Has a difference or non-compliance with ICAO Standards been identified, or a State Letter been received?
- Has a need for harmonisation with third countries (e.g. FAA, TCCA) been identified?

Have you done an assessment of the issue? Please complete additional information below.

Preliminary risk assessment (Safety)*
- If this safety issue was to progress into an accident what would be the most likely outcome? (e.g. Loss of Control in Flight, Mid-Air Collision, Runway Excursions, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, etc)
- Has a risk assessment been performed? If yes, include here any identified safety risk, hazard, frequency of occurrence and its severity.
- What barriers does the system have to prevent accidents for this particular issue? And how effectives are they?
- Has a safety recommendations been addressed to the Agency concerning this particular safety issue?
- Are mitigating actions already in place or developed to deal with the safety issue?
- Has a future challenge from research, technological advancements, business evolution or new best practices been identified (wrt emerging issues)?
- Is there any relevant research/accident/incident data?
- Any other element essential to properly assess the safety issue.
- What actions or conditions increase or cause the accident risk?
- What events or conditions have a significant influence on reducing the risk?

5 – Proposal

What would be the proposal to solve the issue? Please complete additional information below.

Preliminary proposal to solve the issue*
- What would be your proposal to solve the issue?

Preliminary cost assessment to solve the issue*
- What would be the potential estimated implementation costs to solve the issue?
- Please describe the type of costs which could occur? (technical solution, training, procedures, …)

Preliminary benefit assessment to solve the issue*
- What would be the potential estimated benefits if the issue is solved? (avoided unnecessary workload in hours or man-days, operational benefits [please describe them], …)

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