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Candidate Issue Identification form

Thank you for your interest in submitting a new Candidate Issue/proposal to EASA.

All proposals received are registered in a Candidate Issues Register. In order to make the best use of resources available, the Agency follows a prioritisation process to select those proposals that provide higher added value for the EU citizen. Only the selected proposals are included in EPAS.

Initiators remain informed of the status of their submitted proposals.

Please use individual forms for each candidate issue/proposal.

Failure to complete this form in full will not automatically reject the proposal, although it may delay the processing time.

2. Issue/Rationale:

Please specify what the main issue to address is (including the lack of a regulatory framework if appropriate). In case the issue is already regulated, please specify if the current regulations are not adequate, not clear, not easy to interpret, not proportionate, or not performance based/too prescriptive. Please add reference to the rules affected.

Describe who is affected by the described issue (e.g. pilots, instructors, ATOs, airline operators, aerodromes operators, NAAs, ANSPs, CAMOs, POA, DOA, Examiners, Manufacturers), what is affected (e.g. aircraft types, constituents or equipment, or type of operations and organisations), and, if applicable, specify in which flight phases and circumstances. From the affected group(s) of stakeholders: are they all affected or part?

Please specify what would be the safety consequences in case no action is taken. Are there safety recommendations related to this? Could you add reference to this (these)? Has a risk assessment been performed? If yes, include here any identified safety risk, hazard, frequency of occurrence and its severity.

In case no action is taken, would the issue lead to an adverse environmental impact, such as CO2/NOx emissions and aircraft noise?

In case no action is taken, would the majority of the stakeholders be negatively impacted? If yes, please explain why and the extent of the negative economic impact. Are the smaller entities in an economic disadvantage?

In case no action is taken, would the issue create an adverse social impact, such as a barrier to job creation, competence of aviation personnel?

Please add here additional considerations not indicated above, including but not only: difference or non-compliance with ICAO Standards, State Letter, need for harmonisation with third countries (e.g. FAA, TCCA)

What would be your proposal to solve the issue? Please describe the technical content of the action(s).
What is the most appropriate way to solve the issue (possible ways: rulemaking, safety promotion, research, oversight, evaluation)? Please provide cost-benefit information, if available.
In case of multiple actions proposed, please provide the information well identifying to which action it refers to.