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The future of GA - safer, simpler, more affordable

EASA’s Annual Safety Conference ‘A Vision for the Future of General Aviation’ (6-7 Nov 2018 in Vienna/Austria) on safer, simpler and more affordable flying introduces the new era of innovation and sharing of airspace, flights in General Aviation

The conference will launch a new European GA strategy focusing on safer, simpler and more affordable flying, with panels on innovation, safe and more affordable aircraft as well as the sharing of flights but also airspace.

H55 Founder & Executive Chairman André Borschberg, who holds the world record for the highest solar-powered flights as well as the longest solo flight in an airplane of any kind, will attend as a keynote speaker and panellist.

A substantial range of European GA manufacturers, developers of hybrid and solar-powered aircraft but also of air taxis and other UAV, cost-sharing platforms as well as GA associations and policy representatives will participate in this key conference on the future of European General Aviation which takes place in Vienna coinciding with Austria’s presidency of the Council of the EU.

In 2014 the Rome Conference on General Aviation marked the onset of improved cooperation with GA community which led to notable and successful results

EASA first reached out directly to the European GA community at its first conference on General Aviation which took place 4 years ago in Rome. The Rome Conference led to an engaging GA strategy and greatly improved cooperation and communication between EASA and the European GA community.

After considerable progress has been made in the past years to strengthen GA, such as simpler and lighter rules for declared training organisationsballoon operations, introduction of standard changes and repairs and the re-written CS-23 rules, the 2018 Annual Safety Conference will look towards the future of GA. The new European GA strategy is taking off with the recently adopted update of the aviation safety rules for Europe, also known as the Basic Regulation  which provides additional flexibility for regulating GA.

Have a look at the conference agenda and sign up for the EASA 2018 Annual Safety Conference A Vision for the Future of General Aviation! We welcome you to participate and help shape the future of GA!