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Do not miss out on our Composite material training courses to get a sound and practical introduction to composite covering materials, manufacturing and design.

Introduction to Composite Materials - Level 1 
1-days classroom course at EASA headquarters in Cologne

This course assumes that the learner is new to the subject of Composite Materials. Starting at a very basic level, it explains what composites are, and why they have been developed, all the way through to the most modern aerospace applications. 

Additionally, the course looks in more depth at the properties of Composite Materials that are important in Aerospace. This covers how the certification requirements change as Composite Materials replace Metal as main structural components. Lastly we look at operation of Composite Fleets and highlight the operational challenges that will be faced by an increasingly large fleet of composite aircraft as they age. This part will also highlight associated EASA (and other) requirement.
It is not a requirement to complete the Level 1 course before you enrol to Level 2. You can directly enrol to Level 2 if you already have the required foundation knowledge.

Introduction to Composites - Level 2
2-days classroom course at EASA headquarters in Cologne

The course is intended to provide an introduction to composites at ‘Level 2’, from a regulators perspective and to create the minimal level of awareness considered to be necessary to engage with composite activities with airworthiness responsibilities.

The course is based upon the content of AMC 20-29, including emerging themes of interest, e.g. EASA CMs addressing Sandwich Structures, Bonded Repair Size Limits, Shared Databases, Composite Seats and more. 
The course is considered to be a primer for existing more extensive ‘Level 2’ courses, e.g. on-line courses, such as CSET, CMfg, and/or some manufacturers’ product specific courses.

How to enroll
Fill in the application form and submit it to TT [at] easa [dot] europa [dot] eu. Your application will be processed in due course and you will receive an automated course confirmation upon registration. 

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