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EASA continues to support aviation industry in the development of safe VTOL aircraft

Take part in the consultation, open until August 30, 2021

EASA invites authorities, industry and stakeholders to take part once more in a consultation process, now related to the second publication of Means of Compliance (MoC) with the Special Condition for VTOL. 

EASA’s objective of the consultation is to provide visibility on the content and on the range of flexibility which allows to address different architectures and design concepts for VTOL. 

After the completion of the first publication in May 2021, this complementary set of proposed MOC should also enable an equal treatment of all applicants, by establishing a level playing field and ensuring that a comparable level of safety in the compliance with the objectives of the Special Condition is achieved by all designs. 

It will allow the industry to gain an early insight into EASA’s interpretation and expectations from the design objectives of the Special Condition and also offer opportunities to seek clarification of the proposed MoC.

To take part in the consultation, please visit our ‘Special Condition for VTOL and Means of Compliance’ page, where you will find the necessary documents in the Downloads section. Closure of the commenting phase will be on August 30, 2021.