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U-space workshop 2019

Date & time
14/05/2019, 09:30  - 16:30,  for Member States' Representatives
15/05/2019, 09:30  - 16:30, for Industry Representatives

The rising number of UAS operations in the European airspace poses a safety issue: how to ensure safe drone traffic management and how to integrate drones safely into the existing air traffic environment? The airspace integration of such UAS aircraft constitutes a major challenge.

The conclusion of the High Level Conference on Drones in Amsterdam on 28 November 2018 urged the European Commission and EASA, in close cooperation with Member States and stakeholders, to develop an institutional framework for a competitive U-space services market and how drones need to be operated in the Single European Sky.

As an immediate follow-up, EASA, together with the European Commission, has developed a preliminary draft regulatory framework containing high-level safety requirements on the establishment of U-space to enable competent authorities to set performance requirements, including environmental objectives, needed to satisfy traffic density and complexity of operations, setting high level requirements for the U-space services and service providers certification and that lays the foundation for innovative U-space services.

Specific topics that are expected to be raised during the workshop are: the interface with the current ATM environment in the U-space (airspace classification), the roles and responsibilities of the U-space actors, the types of services that may be provided, etc.

The aim of this workshop is to present this draft regulatory proposal, discuss about the principles that will govern U-space and consult with the stakeholders.

The workshop is spread over two days, to address different stakeholder groups.

  • Member States' representatives - Day 1, 14/05/2019
  • Industry representatives - Day 2, 15/05/2019 

Please email to ken.engelstad [at] to request registration to the event with the following information:

  • Indicate if you are Member State representative (day 1) or an Industry representative (day 2)
  • First & last name
  • Name of organisation
  • email and phone number

Deadline for registration will be 18/04/2019. EASA will review all requests and willl issue confimations to participants  by 22/04/2019