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High Level Conference on Drones 2019

at RAI Amsterdam Drone Week

This year’s High Level Conference on Drones focussing on “Scaling Drone Operations in European airspace” takes place from 5 - 6 December 2019 during the second edition of Amsterdam Drone Week.

This essential 2-day conference brings together experts, policy makers and leading companies in the Unmanned Aircraft System industry (UAS) to discuss the new European drone rules and share knowledge about the latest developments on operations in the urban U-space. The conference takes place on 5 - 6 December 2019, during the second edition of Amsterdam Drone Week.

Are we all on track in implementing the new rules? What are the societal benefits and challenges around drone operation and how can we best address them? How will we deal with more complex operations in the future? And what are the regulatory challenges and opportunities for the U-space?

The conference provides you with the full picture on European drone rules and gives you the chance to discuss and directly engage with European policy makers. Join us for 6 high-level panel discussions, 4 interactive technical workshops and many networking opportunities.


Registration is closed.