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Flying a Drone for fun - Get to know how to become a good drone pilot

Virtual event - Information session on Drones

Date & time

09/12/2020, 17:00 - 18:00 (CET). Drones Live streaming session for the General Public, (Leisure Drone Users).


The new European Drone regulation for commercial and leisure users is coming into force at the end of December 2020. It will make it easier to fly a drone under the same conditions across Europe. 

Flying a drone is great fun, a rewarding hobby and has incredible business potential. The drones industry will create many benefits for our communities and has the opportunity to grow significantly over the coming years. To keep everyone safe and to make sure we share the airspace safely with everything else that flies, it is important that the whole drones community understands the new drone rules.  We will have a live streaming session to focus on the needs of those of you who fly drones for fun.  

The regulations include a lot of jargon and technical terms and there are many aspects of drone flying that need to be  demystified in the drone world in general. This session will help you understand how to fly safely a Drone in Europe. 

Find out what is important for you to remember to be a good pilot. What is changing about how you fly your drone. Do you have questions that need an answer? This event is for you!

Live stream

You can already visit the prescheduled YouTube live stream and request to be reminded if you have a YouTube account.

Your questions

During the live event you can put your questions to the team. Access this link and follow the instructions. Questions not answered during the session will be done so later on in writing and published. 

Event Material

This will be uploaded after the events

  • Video recording of the session
  • List of questions asked during the two days with answers 

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