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How should the new class and type rating list for aeroplanes which is published on the Agency’s website be understood ? (complex aircraft, SET class, PA 46, instructor qualification)


The new list intends to make it easier to find specific aeroplanes by putting them into alphabetical order and abandoning the former grouping into many different lists. The aeroplanes which belong to the group of single pilot high performance complex aeroplanes are identified as such.

  1. Information on the SET class:
    Those aeroplanes that belong to a specific group whilst they still require aeroplane specific training, testing and checking have a licence endorsement that specifies that they are in this group and the remarks column provides any information if an OSD report was established. (SET class with a validity of 2 years, FCL.740(a)).
    Nevertheless all members of the SET class rating group require a class rating specific for the aeroplane and those ratings have to be revalidated individually with the possibility of any credits that are mentioned in the OSD for the relevant aeroplane.
    There is no generic SET (land) or SET(sea) rating to be entered in a pilot licence.
  2. Information on PA 46:
    The piston engine variants of the PA 46 may now be treated as falling within the SEP(land) class but require a difference training on one of the PA 46 piston engine variants. For revalidation there is no class specific requirement the revalidation can be done by experience on any SEP plus a training flight on any SEP or any proficiency check or no experience and a proficiency check on any SEP.
    The SET PA 46 class rating can be obtained with an approved difference training course from the piston engine PA 46 or with a specific SET PA 46 class rating course both of which have to be done in an ATO on a SET PA 46. As it is a separate class rating the requirements of FCL.725 (a)(b)(c) apply and as it is an HPA also the relevant requirements for those aeroplanes apply.
  3. Information on instructor qualification for SET class:
    With the facts mentioned above the instructor requirements for a CRI or FI are to be considered class specific. Meaning PA 46 with piston engine will require an instructor qualification for SEP with difference training for the PA 46 piston engine. All SET class ratings to be covered as individual class ratings with individual instructor qualifications as indicated on the licence endorsement list.

The list will shortly undergo further editorial changes. The Agency tries to make the list more easily understandable and therefore has amended it and the explanatory note that comes with it.”

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