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Aviation Training Services for EASA

Availability of Procurement Documents

Please note that all related Procurement Documents for the above mentioned procedure are published on the eTendering platform. More details, information and all related documents are available under the eTendering link above.

Info about eTendering

What is eTendering?

eTendering is an eProcurement platform based on EU directives where Contracting Authorities and Economic Operators can perform daily eProcurement activities. eTendering allows access to a Call for Tenders related documentation such as tender specifications, invitation to tender, draft contract or questions & answers.

Do I need to register?

All Procurement Documents are available without registration. However, only the registered user is able to submit a question and will furthermore get access to some functionalities simplifying the transactions such as subscription to notifications related to changes of Call for Tender, organisation of messages, etc.

The registration process is very easy and is open to everybody. Only very basic information is needed for the registration – only a valid e-mail address and a password are mandatory. Registration and usage of eTendering are free of charge.