Part 21

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How will the Agency notify the acceptance of the certification basis?

Is there a maximum timeframe considered for EASA to accept a Certification Program and further for the acceptance or adjustment to the Level Of Involvement proposed by the DOA?

Is it not possible to consider the number of Compliance Demonstration Items (CDIs) as a criterion before starting with Level Of Involvement . For instance projects with less than twenty CDIs. Should the CDI list be defined and sent to EASA?

How will the privilege of submitting compliance documents without further involvement be modified by the Level Of Involvement process?

Regarding the tests, is it possible to submit only the plans and have the report validated by the Compliance Verification Engineer without EASA checking if all the tests are "passed"?

The Level Of Involvement risk analysis is a transfer of the Agency workload. Could applicants expect to have a reduction of the STC fees in the future ?

Has the Level Of Involvement definition for an STC a direct impact on the STC fees?

Is the overall DOA performance indicator based on feedback of DOA Teamleader and Product Certification Manager? Panel feedback per panel, or on average?

What is the minimum amount of 'DOA Holder Performance' to not be always at the bottom of the scale in the matrix?

Do we have to document the justification of the Level Of Involvement selection and submit it with the Certification Program to EASA as a supporting document?

The aircraft manufacturers do not take into consideration customized configurations when issuing documentation (such as Service Bulletin). What is EASA policy in order to cope with this issue?

What is the validity of a Non Technical Objection (NTO) statement from Airworthiness point of view?

Part 21: Will be a dedicated qualification needed to perform the risk assessment associated to the Level of Involvement proposal?

What is the expected benefit when the new Level Of Involvement concept is implemented in Part 21 and a low to very low involvement of EASA is agreed on a project?