A - General

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A.1 - Which application form should I use?

A.2 - Do I have to pay?

A.3 - When do I have to pay?

A.4 - Who sets EASA's Fees and Charges?

A.5 - How much do I have to pay?

A.6 - What are the transition rules for Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2153?

A.8 - How much do I have to pay if I withdraw or interrupt my application or if the Agency terminates the certification task or service?

A.9 - How much do I have to pay if I apply for the re-issuance of certificates and documents?

A.10 - What reference should I include with my bank transfer?

A.11 - Why does EASA need my bank details?

A.12 - Do I have to fill in the EASA Third Party Financial Information form for subsequent applications?

A.7 - How is the inflation rate applied?