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If the change to STC is Basic and does not require a change by the Certification Authority to STC, how does the operator/CAMO know the change is directly accepted?

Can a US manufacturing organisation use an EASA minor change as the means to apply to the FAA for a 'Request for Conformity'& permit release of parts on a 8130-3?

Are there FAA fees to pay for STC validation?

EASA/FAA Bilateral agreement Technical Implementation Procedures: Does EASA and FAA intend to improve the required 15 working days just for issuance of the approval which in worst case keeps the prototype aircraft on ground?

EASA/FAA Bilateral agreement Technical Implementation Procedures:The 15 days as timeline for the streamlined validation is far beyond reality! Is your statement based on own experience? The same question for Non-Basic validations with the 90 days timeline.

EASA/FAA Bilateral agreement Technical Implementation Procedures: About the Validation Authority process, should the demonstration of FAA compliance (CS/FAR) be systematically provided by the applicant ? or not needed because checked by EASA?

Are minor changes automatically accepted by both authorities (EASA and FAA) independently if they were designed by Designated Engineering Representative (US DER) or EASA Approved Design Organisations (DOA), independently from the registry of the aircraft?

Are minor repairs treated as the same as minor changes between FAA and EASA?

It seems that EASA PCMs prefer to close EASA type investigation before the involving of FAA for validation purpose.

Can an EASA Design Organization use Designated Engineering Representative (DER) approved minor changes with no EASA involvement?

One of our customers is not accepting an EASA minor change to FAA STC on an Airbus Aircraft. They need the FAA STC to be validated by EASA first. What’s your opinion?

Can any EASA Approved Design Organisation (DOA) apply for validation of FAA STC or should that facility be in the scope of approval of the DOA?