Certification Processes

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How to keep contact with EASA approved Production Organisations? What is expected from DOA on top of providing mail address and establishing a DO/PO agreement?

What are the EASA minimum prerequisites for DOAs to process and approve minor design changes?

Where can we find proper Form20 (Permit to Fly) and Form18 (Flight Conditions) templates?

When a Type Certificate holder refuses to share the pre mod approval data and we own the design & certification data, could we apply for an EASA STC once the aircraft is with operator?

What can EASA do to improve consistency of STC timescales? - In my experience some have been very good but some appalling.

STC configuration management practical approach: how to ensure a high level of customization maintaining an acceptable configuration control? Additional topic: impact on MMEL Suppl.

Is EASA Policy for changes embedded in Non-EASA approved design applicable to minor changes? Example : Covers change of TSO C39 seats already installed by STC FAA.

Does the fact that general aviation and small CS25 aircraft are dealth with in one department induce any change to applicable regulations?

To perform a Design it is needed to check the related Certification Specifications, Special conditions, Equivalent Safety Finding, deviations, annex to TCDS, any other document?

For questions outside of an STC project, does EASA have a preferred way for applicants to approach EASA experts?

Is there any method to open an STC application on a product not certified yet such as the A319 ACJ Neo?

Is it be possible to contact department coordinators directly for clarifications?

Will assigned PCM for the STC project stay in charge up to 5 years?

Rotation of PCMs: whilst understandable, how will EASA ensure that past agreements are not subject to renegotiation due to alternative view of the new PCM?

Can you confirm that Panel's expert Statements of Satisfaction are submitted to DOA Team Leaders routinely; as I've not had this feedback from my DOATL (based in UK @ CAA Gatwick)?

Can we get feed back of DOA performance per project directly afterwards rather than waiting for it during an audit where the context is lost?

In my point of view, the important in the DOA dashboard is not to have a good or a bad notation, but to know why it is not 100%. It is important to progress.

Is it also planned to have technical experts joining the audits with the DOA Team Leader to have more insight into the industry? We have good experiences with that.