B - Fees for the Certification of Products

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How are the Rotorcraft Product categories defined for the calculation of the EASA Fees and Charges?

B.1 - Which application form should I use?

B.2 - Can EASA confirm that a single application may be submitted covering several aircraft types or models if the same change is applicable to these aircraft types or models?

B.3 - In which MTOW category is the aircraft for which I want to submit an application for TC, Major Change, STC, Minor Change or for which I have to pay CAW fees as TC holder?

B.4 - Does my aircraft belong to a higher fee category because it is a High Performance?

B.5 How are the Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs) and organisations charged?

B.6 How are Certification Support for Validation (CSV) and Maintenance Review Board (MRB) applications charged based on Implementing Regulation 2019/2153?