Candidate Issue Identification form

Thank you for your interest in submitting a new candidate issue/proposal to EASA. Please use individual forms for each candidate issue/proposal and provide as much information as possible; this will help EASA to timely assess your issue/proposal.

EASA will analyse your issue/proposal in accordance with its prioritisation methodology, in order to identify the necessary mitigating actions, and their respective priorities. After careful consideration also of the resources available to implement those actions, your issue/proposal will eventually be programmed in the EPAS.

1) Please state if you are:
1) Please state if you are:
Please describe the issue you have identified and wish to raise to EASA. Provide as much background considerations as possible for the issue (chapter A). If you have a proposal on how to address / mitigate the issue, please share that with us (chapter B).
A. The issue
2. Issue/Rationale:
Please specify what the main issue to address is (including the lack of a regulatory framework if appropriate). In case the issue is already regulated, please specify if you consider that the current rules are not adequate, not clear, not easy to interpret or not proportionate. Please add reference(s) to the rules affected.
3. Does the issue you describe affect
3. Does the issue you describe affect:
Candidate for ICAO ‘Emerging Issues & Additional Categories of Operational Safety Risks’ portal:
4. Affected stakeholders, systems/products:
Explain who/what is affected by the issue described, in terms of:
  • individuals (e.g. pilots, instructors, examiners), and/or 
  • organisations (e.g. airlines, general aviation operators, aeroclubs, aerodromes operators, air navigation service providers, continuing airworthiness management organisations, manufacturers, national aviation authorities), and/or 
  • systems/products (e.g. aircraft types, equipment types, other physical systems).
5. Safety considerations:
6. Environmental considerations:
7. Economic considerations:
8. Social considerations:
9. Additional considerations:
B. Proposed Action(s):