Effectiveness of flight time limitations (FTL)

The main purpose of this project  is to add to, and subsequently wrap up, the work performed during the previous project for the review of the effectiveness of flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements contained in Annexes II and III of Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012. 

Main objectives

During the adoption of a next generation of EU’s FTL requirements for scheduled and charter airline operations , the European Parliament and the Commission instructed EASA to perform a continuous review of the effectiveness of those requirements. This instruction is enshrined in paragraph 9a of Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 , which stipulates that the review shall include an assessment of the impact on aircrew alertness of the following aircrew duty periods:

  1. duties of more than 13 hours at the most favourable time of the day;
  2. duties of more than 10 hours at the less favourable time of the day;
  3. duties of more than 11 hours for crew members in an unknown state of acclimatisation;
  4. duties including a high level of sectors (more than 6);
  5. on-call duties such as standby or reserve followed by flight duties; and
  6. disruptive schedules.