Digital method for imprOved Manufacturing of next-generation MultIfuNctIOnal airframe parts: A step closer to cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable manufacturing.

DOMMINIO is an EU funded collaborative research project focused on the development of an innovative digital methodology to design, manufacture, maintain and pre certify multifunctional and intelligent airframe parts.

In the last few decades, the aeronautical industry has experienced a drastic transformation in the manufacturing philosophy in response to the growth of aircraft production (by 60% in the last 10 years). At the same time there is a transition to the usage of advanced composite materials, due to their lightweight properties, strength and durability. The usage of such novel advanced materials together with the increased aircraft productivity and performance increase the challenges in the design and manufacturing of cost-effective aircraft structures and components, allowing weight and fuel consumption reduction, shorter manufacturing cycles and increased energy efficiency in aircraft fabrication.

The DOMMINIO project will develop an innovative methodology to ensure cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manufacturing of high quality multifunctional and intelligent airframe parts, based on:

  • Robotized technologies (ATL, FFF)
  • Advanced simulation tools
  • On-line process & quality monitoring
  • SHM (Structural Health monitoring) methods enabled by real time data-driven fault detection

 The methodology developed within the DOMMINIO project, will be further tested and validated at lab scale, by manufacturing two representative airframe parts as demo cases:

  • a multifunctional airframe access panel
  • a wing leading edge prototype