Training for Success – Leading the way with CBTA

CBTA Workshop

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and EUROCONTROL organised a 2-day Workshop on 20-21 November 2023 at the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre in Luxembourg about the introduction of competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) in air traffic controller (ATCO) training.

CBTA is the preferred International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) method for designing and implementing training and assessment programmes for aviation personnel, and is considered the most effective approach to enhancing performance and enabling reliable mutual recognition of licences. On the regulatory front, Europe is leading the way with the introduction of CBTA into ATCO training.

122 aviation experts representing 65 organisations from 32 countries had the opportunity to:

  • learn from those who have already implemented CBTA;
  • find out how other aviation professionals are approaching CBTA;
  • get informed about the EASA regulatory proposal; and
  • shine the light on the challenges of implementing CBTA.

The Workshop concluded that the air traffic management (ATM) training community will support the regulatory initiative with collaborative actions and is confident of the benefits of harmonised CBTA implementation. The main beneficiaries of CBTA are ATCO students. Additionally, operational units are likely to achieve improved pass rates and performance levels in support of the delivery of the required level of airspace capacity. The community also agreed on the benefits of voluntary collaborative data sharing and analysis to be brought forward via the D4S initiative.

EASA and EUROCONTROL are pleased to accompany the stakeholder initiatives identified during the Workshop’s facilitated sessions regarding the implementation of the CBTA methodology and the need for tools and support.

EASA, together with EUROCONTROL, will follow up on the agreed actions and integrate the outcomes into its upcoming Opinion addressed to the European Commission for regulatory actions.