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Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe 2021
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Regardless of your role in aviation, the COVID-19 crisis has completely changed the face of our industry. Challenging times call for new ideas and innovative approaches.

SAFE 360˚, the Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe, is not just a conference but an industry-wide conversation on the safety issues that really matter to the Air Ops Community.

SAFE 360˚ 2021 will be held from June 08 to 10, 2021 and will be structured as follows:
Day 1: High-level Panels from 13:00 to 16:30 [UTC+2]
Day 2: 360˚ Panels from 13:50 to 17:00 [UTC+2]
Day 3: 360˚ Workshops and Breakout sessions from 09:20 to 16:00 [UTC+2]

  • Register now to participate in the high-level panels that will discuss the New Safety Landscape we all face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Integrated Risk Management that will help you to integrate safety and security risks together within your management system.
  • Learn more about the latest developments in the Data4Safety project. This is the European data analysis and sharing programme launched in 2017 under the initiative of EASA and the European Commission in collaboration with 12 voluntary European aviation safety partners.
  • Contribute to the 360˚ Panels on Training effectiveness and competence, Approach Path Management and Turnaround Safety.
  • Take part in the Safety Workshops analysing key safety issues from a 360˚perspective on the Entry of Aircraft Performance Data, the Safe Use of Airspace, and Monitoring Safety Issues with Flight Data Monitoring (FDM). Don’t forget also to join the sessions on FDM Best Practices and Occurrence Reporting.

Find out more on the SAFE 360˚ event webpage.