New Regulation for CAT SET-IMC has been adopted

The European Commission published today a new regulation amending the Air Operations regulation which will allow the conduct of commercial air transport operations with single-engined turbine aeroplanes in IMC or at night (CAT SET-IMC) in Europe. To assist in the implementation of the new rules EASA will publish the associated Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material next week.

The new regulation, drafted by the European Aviation Safety Agency, establishes a framework for CAT SET-IMC operations applicable in 32 European states. It will enable the use of modern aeroplanes with a smaller carbon footprint. It will also allow the development of new business based on the opening of new routes which can be operated safely and efficiently only by single-engined turbine aeroplanes.

This is a significant development since several attempts in the past failed to amass sufficient consensus among EU states. This regulation meets and exceeds the relevant ICAO standards, by establishing a coherent framework, fully and proportionally considering the specificities of those operations.