Minimum Cockpit Occupancy: EASA issues revised Safety Information Bulletin

The EASA Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) on Minimum Cockpit Occupancy has been revised in order to take into account operational experience after the “2-persons-in-the-cockpit” recommendation was issued in March 2015. The revised SIB (SIB 2016-09) is based on extensive consultation with all affected stakeholders; it takes a more flexible risk-based approach.

The SIB recommends that first a risk assessment is performed and then, based on the results of the assessment, the operator may decide to maintain the “2-persons-in-the-cockpit” procedure as one possible mitigating measure. The SIB provides guidance to operators on the elements to be considered in performing the relevant risk assessment. These elements include the psychological and security screening of flight crew, employment stability and turnover rate, access to support programmes, and ability of the operator’s management system to mitigate psychological and social risks.

For the full text of the SIB, click here. For more information on EASA’s action plan following the Germanwings Flight 9525 accident, visit our dedicated page.