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Launch of EASA Pre-Application Services

If you are leading an innovative project that may not fit directly into our regulatory framework, you may be interested in EASA’s new ‘Pre-Application Services’. This entails entering a “Partnership” relationship with the Agency to de-risk your project and its concept of operation at an early stage of development. In addition, you would contribute to the identification of the regulatory adaptations required to facilitate future introduction of innovative products on the market.

Our ‘Pre-Application Services’ are available to external stakeholders who are interested in receiving technical advice prior to, or outside of, an actual certification process conducted in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 and its Annex 1 (Part 21).

You can choose from three possible categories of services which are presented on our website, and submit your request through the contact e-mail address. Please include a high-level description of the project and its Concept of Operation (CONOPS) if already available. Should you already have a proposal on the envisioned technical cooperation with the Agency (“statement of work” as well as a rough estimate of workload), do not hesitate to share this with us. We will get back to you to decide which of our services can help you best.