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Info-Session on new certification specifications addressing Human Factors in rotorcraft design

EASA is organising an info session on new certification specifications addressing Human Factors in Rotorcraft design, following through on the explanatory note included in the ED Decision on this. The session has the following objectives:

  • Ensure that all the affected stakeholders have an adequate understanding of the aim of the new certification specification and of the associated means of compliance and guidance material.
  • Share with the affected stakeholders the EASA expectations, common errors, and best practices.
  • Allow affected stakeholders to raise questions to facilitate the implementation phase. 

This info session will be conducted via webex and will be split into two half-days.

Applicability of the new certification specifications
The new certification specifications are applicable to applicants that seek EASA approval for:

  • a new CS-29 or CS-27 type; or
  • changes to a CS-27 or CS-29 type for which, according to Part 21 provisions, the new certification specification is part of the certification basis.  

In a further step to improve rotorcraft safety by mitigating the risk of human errors at the design stage, on 16th  June 2021 EASA published CS-27 amendment 8 and CS-29 amendment 9 (see ED Decision 2021/010/R).

These amendments embody a new certification specification, 27.1302 for small rotorcraft and 29.1302 for large rotorcraft, that introduces a systematic approach to address Human Factors (HF) during the rotorcraft design process. This new certification specification is complemented by acceptable means of compliance and guidance material in order to support its implementation (ref to AMC 27/29.1302, GM1 27/29.1302 and GM2 27/29.1302).

The introduction of this certification specification is expected to reduce the risk of design-related errors attributable to HF that may lead to, or contribute to, accidents or incidents.

This new certification specification is part of the EASA Rotorcraft Safety Roadmap as identified in the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS 2021-2025).

Enrolment will be possible up until 3 weeks before each event and participation will be confirmed by EASA 2 weeks before the event.