The European Commission presents a new Aviation Strategy for Europe

The European Commission adopted today its new Aviation Strategy which will enable European aviation to maintain its leadership worldwide and continue to grow in a very competitive global environment. To achieve this objective, the 4 priorities of this strategy are to facilitate access to business opportunity worldwide for the European aviation industry through the signature of new external aviation agreements, to reduce the limits to growth in the air and on the ground by tackling the fragmentation of European airspace and the congestion of Europe’s busiest airports, to maintain high EU-wide standards in terms of safety, security, environmental protection, social issues and passenger rights in a context of growing air traffic and finally to make progress on innovation, digital technologies and investments for example by unleashing the full potential of the growing drone industry.

One key element of this new EU Aviation Strategy is to propose the reinforcement of the role of EASA through the revision of EASA Basic Regulation. The goal is to adapt the EU regulatory system to new challenges and new safety threats, to improve the efficiency, proportionality and flexibility of the system and to optimise the use of available resources at EU level.

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