EASA publishes proposals to reduce risk of post-crash fire for rotorcraft

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published an NPA for consultation which aims to address the risk of a post-crash fire in the event of a survivable rotorcraft accident.

NPA 2022-10 proposes to reduce the risk of a post-crash fire by requiring the installation of a crash-resistant fuel system (CRFS) for newly produced rotorcraft and, within a defined timescale, for existing rotorcraft that are operated in Europe.

Since 1994, any newly certified rotorcraft has been required to comply with the requirements for a crash-resistant fuel system. However there are still rotorcraft types that are being produced and operated in Europe that were certified before this date.

It is anticipated that the proposed regulatory changes contained in this NPA will provide an increase in the safety level of the European rotorcraft fleet whilst providing a pragmatic period of time for compliance.

The NPA is open for public comment until February 13, 2023.