EASA published the updated Easy Access Rules for ATM/ANS! Revision from November 2022 is out now!

ATM / ANS Easy Access Rules

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a new revision of the Easy Access Rules for Air Traffic Management/Air Navigation Services.

This Revision from November 2022 updates the Easy Access Rules for ATM/ANS based on:

These acts amend the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373 as regards, among others, requirements for ATM/ANS providers in the U-space airspace designated in controlled airspace,  occurrence reporting requirements and updates related to the provision of MET and AIS.

Furthermore, the ED Decision 2022/004/R and the ED Decision 2022/015/R introduce the corresponding AMC and GM.

It is also available as dynamic online publication with filters for obtaining the regulatory material tailored to one’s needs, search functions for quickly accessing the relevant sections, and easy navigation for computers, tablets, and mobiles as well as the XML (machine-readable format)

The document is generated through the eRules platform and will be updated regularly to incorporate further changes and evolutions to its content.

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