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EASA administrative validation of FAA STC classified as Basic and limited to one serial number

EASA has recently implemented an administrative process for validation of FAA STCs classified as Basic for single serial number aircraft, applied for by the CAMO or the aircraft owner/operator.

This administrative validation process accounts for the cases where the US STC Holder of a FAA Basic STC is unwilling or unable (orphaned STC) to apply for EASA validation.

The scope is limited to second hand aircraft and installed engines, if applicable, in the following categories:

  • > 2 000 kg ≤ 5 700 kg MTOW
  • ≤ 2 000 kg MTOW
  • Very Light Aeroplane
  • Light Sport Aeroplane
  • Powered Sailplanes
  • Sailplanes

For any queries regarding this process, please use the mailbox below: GADadmin [at]