Crew Resource Management (CRM) training

The Agency has published two Decisions (2015/022/R and 2015/023/R) on Crew Resource Management (CRM) training. CRM can be described as the effective utilisation of all available resources to achieve safe and efficient operation. In many aviation incidents and accidents CRM related issues are a major contributing factor. Therefore, the Agency significantly extended and modernised the existing CRM training scheme. It is expected that with the amended provisions CRM-related core competencies of crews will be further strengthened: communication, leadership and teamwork, problem solving and decision making, situational awareness as well as workload management.

New or expanded items are, among others: surprise and startle effect, resilience development, CRM training and management system, provisions for CRM trainers, adapted CRM training for single-pilot and single cabin crew operations, as well as provisions for the qualification and training of CAA inspectors.