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Brazil joins European Ramp Inspection Programme

EASA and ANAC sign Working Arrangement
EASA - ANAC working arrangement

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Brazilian Aviation Authority (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - ANAC) signed a Working Arrangement on the collection and exchange of information on the safety of aircraft and the compliance with international safety standards under the EU Ramp Inspection Programme.

The EU Ramp Inspection Programme facilitates the harmonised performance of ramp inspections on aircraft visiting airports of participating States. The results of these inspections (some 10,000 on a yearly basis) are shared amongst participating States and are analysed by EASA to timely identify adverse safety trends. 

The programme started as an initiative amongst European States in 1996. The management of the programme was assigned to EASA in 2007. Since then, EASA has signed such Working Arrangements with States in North America, the Middle-East, Asia, north Africa and Oceania.

Brazil is the 51st State to join the programme and the first on the South American continent, thereby further enhancing the global view of the safety performance of air operators.

EASA is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with ANAC.