On Air, Issue 16: International network - Editorial

Global players
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Luc Tytgat, Strategy & Safety Management Director, EASA

The long standing tradition of the EASA / FAA annual safety conference brought together last month in Brussels senior aviation representatives from around the globe to discuss global aviation safety issues.

The 300 participants attending the conference, represented 22 authorities, 26 associations and 82 individual companies. These numbers give a clear indication of the continued commitment to strengthen the ties by the aviation community.

And it doesn’t end there, with the participation of Shane Carmody, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and representatives from Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) this has truly become an international conference without borders.

During the conference, the Civil Aviation Authority of China and EASA signed a Working Arrangement for the production of the Airbus A330 aircraft in Tianjin China.

This comes as the aviation ties between the European Union and China having steadily grown closer in recent years and was marked in April this year with the inauguration of the 1st CAAC EASA Aviation Safety Conference.

Based on trust, an essential condition for any cooperation, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with our global partners with whom we share a vision of enhancing aviation safety worldwide.