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In case of tailored data, is it possible to release Test database upon request of the end user and is statement of conformity required for such database?


The change compare to the current LoA scheme is that the tailored data processing (from data origination and/or receiving till its release, incl. signing of the statement of conformity by DAT provider(s)) becomes subject to process verification and oversight by the DAT providers’ competent authority, i.e. by EASA. 
More concretely, if a DAT provider is requested to:

a) Release a tailored Data as part of a Navigation DB, a statement of conformity is required;

b) Release a DB containing tailored Data only, a statement of conformity is required; 

c) Release a tailored Data as part of a test Navigation DB, no statement of conformity is required, only at a discretion of a DAT provider

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