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Which changes require prior approval and which changes do not require prior approval?


Competent authority may grant a privilege to service provider(s) to implement changes to its management system and/or safety management system without prior approval. ATM/ANS.AR.C.025 regulates the competent authority to approve a procedure defining the scope of changes that do not require prior approval and description how such changes will be notified and managed). The mirroring requirements for the service providers are laid down in ATM/ANS.OR.A.040, especially in (b) and for further details please consult AMC2 ATM/ANS.OR.A.040(b) ‘PROCEDURE FOR CHANGES NOT REQUIRING PRIOR APPROVAL’ and GM1 ATM/ANS.OR.A.040(b).The procedure has to be defined by the service provider(s) and approved by the competent authority. The competent authority should evaluate depending on the maturity and reliability of the service provider, what kind of changes could be included this procedure.  Changes that should always require prior approval are e.g. changes to the scope of services, significant change to the operational environment, etc. Changes that the competent authority could allow service provider to implement without prior approval are e.g. nominated personnel/post holders, QMS revisions, etc.   

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