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How can I obtain approval against EUROCAE ED-76(A)/RTCA DO-200A(B)?


It should be noted that the DAT certification attests that the databases produced by an organisation can be used by aircraft operators and that they have put in place an appropriate system for the control of the processing of data. In this context, it should be clearly pointed out that the DAT provider that we are addressing, processes aeronautical data and provides an aeronautical database for use on certified aircraft application/equipment (e.g. FMS) having a safety effect. Furthermore, it is important to be noted that the data as such is not subject to certification, but the organisation is subject to certification that demonstrates its capability to produce the subject databases.

More concretely, EUROCAE ED-76(A)/RTCA DO-200A(B) is only one of the means to demonstrate compliance to some of the requirements laid down in the binding act, i.e. Regulation (EU) 2017/373. For the rest of the requirements, the DAT provider needs to demonstrate compliance with the applicable requirements resulting in the issuance of a certificate attesting such compliance.

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