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What kind of data providers need to be certified in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/373?


DAT provider that processes aeronautical data and provides an aeronautical database for use on certified aircraft application/equipment having a safety effect should be certified. Systems permanently installed, especially in the cockpit, would fall in general into the scope of the regulation.
In another words, databases for which the DAT provider is not required to be certified in accordance with the referenced Regulation include but are not limited to databases provided and/or used by the operator of the aircraft that are monitored under the operator’s responsibility and not loaded into certified aircraft applications (e.g. airport moving map used in electronic flight bags (EFBs), take-off and landing performance used in EFBs). Databases that are approved as part of the type design of the aircraft or engine (e.g. engine power settings (take-off, climb, maximum continuous thrust (MCT), and cruise) and aircraft performance data (e.g. take-off distance, V speeds)) do not fall under the scope of certification.

For further details refer to AMC1 DAT.OR.100 Aeronautical data and information and GM1 DAT.OR.100 Aeronautical data and information.

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