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Why am I no longer receiving an AMF approval but a Major or Minor Change approval or an STC instead?


EASA has recently simplified the administrative application process for Stand-alone FM revisions and has stopped issuing approvals under the title of “AFM Approval”. These have been replaced by the issuance of a standard change approval (e.g. Minor Change Approval/Major Change Approval, etc.).

In the past, applications for Stand-alone FM revisions could be made exclusively by using the designated paper application form FO.CERT.00036.

You may now simply apply for the pertinent type of design change activity online.

Activity as per FO.CERT.00036 Activity as per Applicant Portal
Stand-Alone Revision of Flight Manual   
classified as Minor Minor Change
classified as Major - Simple Major Change (for TC Holders only)
classified as Major - Standard Major Change for STC (if applicable)
classified as Major - Complex STC (non-TC Holder FMS change)

Please note that this change in the process has no impact on the fees that EASA will charge. 
FM revision applications have always been charged in accordance with the applicable classification as either Major Change or a Minor Change.

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