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What does the EU applicant need to do?


The EU applicant needs to:

  • check against the latest EASA-FAA Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) provisions that the FAA STC is Basic, and in this case:
  • complete the application form, FO.CERT.00134, “EASA validation of FAA Supplemental Type Certificate classified as Basic and limited to one serial number”,
  • acknowledge his/her obligations as Holder of the STC in accordance with Part 21, point 21.A.118A and
  • sign the declaration of fulfilling those obligations.
  • submit to STC [at] easa.europa.eu:
    • the signed application form together with a copy of the FAA STC,
    • the applicable documentation available to the applicant (e.g. Master Drawing List, Installation Instructions, Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM), Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL), Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) including the published safety documents as Service Bulletins, Safety Information Letters, Airworthiness Directives, etc.), 
    • if available, the relevant correspondence with the STC Holder (STCH) aimed at demonstrating his unwillingness to follow the normal validation process stipulated in the TIP as well as STCH statement of “no objection to EASA validation”.
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